Course curriculum

  • 1

    Main Stage, Day 1

    • The Case for More Bad Ideas - Jason Keath, Social Fresh

    • Engagement is Dead The New Metric is Attention - Carrie Kerpen, Likeable Media

    • How To Stay Competitive on Instagram (Panel)

    • Moneyball Digital: Your 2018 To-Do List - Chris Barger, Brain+Trust Partners

    • The Anatomy of Storytelling - Miri Rodriguez, Microsoft

    • An MGM Resorts Social Media Case Study - Beverly Jackson, MGM Resorts

    • Building A Better Paid Social Strategy for Your Brand (Panel)

    • Stand Out: How To Push the Envelope and Explode Your Brand with Bleeding Edge Content Marketing - Jason Falls, Conversation Research Institute

  • 2

    Main Stage, Day 2

    • How Innovation is Shifting to Omni Sensory Experiences - Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz LLC

    • Quiet On Set: Clarifying the State of Video Marketing Strategy (Panel)

    • How To Power Your Marketing With User-Generated Content (UGC) - Tyler Anderson, Casual Fridays

    • Small But Mighty – The Ultimate Guide to Managing Social Media with Small Teams - Laura Wilson, Georgetown University

    • If U.S. Marketers Acted Like Russian Hackers - Ryan Cohn, Sachs Media Group

    • 2018: Mobile and Apps and Bots… Oh My. (Panel)

    • Content Marketing for $1000 or Less - Chris Moody, GE Digital

  • 3

    Workshops, All

    • Getting Started with 360-Video, AR, VR - Dana Dojnik, You Are Here

    • Creating a Powerful Personal Brand using Video -Tiffany Lanier,

    • Learn How Kickstarter Pros Leverage Facebook Ads To Drive Revenue - Rich Tucker, Enventys Partners

    • Shifting Minds & Opening Wallets: Advocacy for Nonprofit Fundraising - Greg Trujillo, Carolyn Capern, CT Social

    • Social Media ROI – You’re Asking All the Wrong Questions - Carmen Collins, Cisco

    • Social Fundraising: How Purdue University is Raising the Bar - Martin Sickafoose, Purdue University

    • Get Found – Social Media SEO Secrets - Lisa Buyer, The Buyer Group

    • How To Develop an Engaged Instagram Following - Karianne Stinson, Microsoft

    • How To Integrate Your Social Media & Public Relations #SocialPR - Peg Samuel, Social Diva

    • 25 Tips and Tools for Working with Influencers - Mimi Banks, MB Social

    • Reddit AMA - How Brands Can Leverage The Front Page of The Internet - Sue Funke, A&E

    • How To Leverage Live Video with a Limited Budget - Savannah Peterson, Savvy Millennial

    • A Brave New AI World: What’s Your Chatbot Strategy? - Tim Hayden, Brain+Trust Partners