1-on-1 Consult with Jason Keath

Get your specific social media, content marketing, and digital marketing questions answered directly from Jason during this 55-minute personal consult. | taught by Jason Keath

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Struggling, stuck, uninspired, or just need a great jumpstart for your marketing?

Let's discuss creative solutions to your social media and content marketing challenges. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh and experienced perspective to find a few fresh solutions.

I have worked with the smallest and largest companies in the world on improving their digital marketing results. I've launched online communities for Fortune 500 companies, transformed an ecommerce company's social media sales funnel, built custom blog and email strategies for dozens of companies, taught non-profits and universities how to use Twitter to produce bottom line results, and trained thousands of businesses on how to improve their return from modern digital marketing.

I subscribe to three key fundamentals when advising any company.

  1. Action. I provide very USEFUL steps that you can act on right away.
  2. Simplicity. Every business I've worked with sees greater success when they focus more time in fewer, more focused directions. Finding which pieces to focus on is the hard part, where I can help in big ways.
  3. Purpose. Most marketing problems stem from a lack of clear vision and strategy. Tweaking these beginning steps, with someone that can look in from the outside, will move the needle.

In preparation for our call, you'll submit background details through a Pre-Consult Questionnaire.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Jason Keath
Jason Keath
CEO, Social Fresh

Jason Keath is the founder and CEO of Social Fresh Conference, the original social marketing conference. He is an international speaker, writer, and is regularly featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and MSNBC.

Jason Keath has a background firmly rooted in the creative arts. He graduated with a fine arts degree and regularly speaks to marketers about how to improve their company's brainstorming and overall creative output. He is a former agency creative and, according to AdAge, runs one of the most popular digital marketing blogs in the world, socialfresh.com.

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